Ways to Repair a Hot Tub

When You Need Help Fixing Your Hot Tub
Repairing your hot tub issues will assist you to understand the issues associated with the majority of home hot tubs, as well as the proper steps to take in order to fix the problems. There are 3 locations which are often related to hot tub problems and problems: troubleshooting your filter, repairing your heating system and repairing your water. These 3 hot tub elements are accountable for a large bulk of problems related to home spas.
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[exactly what’s this?] Troubleshooting Your Filter
Issue # 1: Short quantity of time between filter replacements.
Possible Causes:
• Improper cleansing of filter on a routine basis.
• Water not balanced correctly as an outcome of improper chemical application.
• Improperly sized filter system.
• Always wash filters thoroughly and carefully, on a regular basis.
• Test chemical levels on a regular basis to guarantee water stays balanced.
• If the filter is too small for the water volume, increase the filter size.
Issue # 2: Water leakage around filter.
Possible Causes:
• Damaged or used out o-rings, tank or loose plumbing.
• Determine the area of the problem (whether it is coming from the o-rings, tank or pumps).
• If the tank is leaking, change it instantly.
Troubleshooting Your Water
Issue # 1: Dirty and cloudy water.
Possible Causes:
• Dirty filter
• High pH and alkalinity
• High Calcium
• High Bacteria.
• Clean the filter completely or have it totally changed.
• Drain the water entirely and fill up the spa.
• Test all chemicals in your hot tub.
Problem # 2: Green water.
Possible Causes:
• Algae growth
• Shock sanitizer
Issue # 3: Foamy water.
Possible Causes:
• Soft water
• High TDS (total liquified strong) levels
• High contaminant level.
• Test and include liquid calcium.
• Completely drain and fill up the tub.
Fixing Your Heater
Issue # 1: Hot tub water isn’t really heating.
Possible Causes:
Thermostat might be inadvertently declined.
• Not enough insulation.
• Check the thermostat to make sure it is at the proper level.
• Increase the amount of insulation if needed.
Problem # 2: Heater cycling on and off continuously.
Possible Causes:
• Dirty filter
• Low water level.
• Clean filter cartridge or completely change hot tub filter.
• Raise the water level if it is presently too low.
Problem # 3: Takes too long to heat the hot tub.
Possible Causes:
• Dirty filter.
• Daily purification and heating cycle not running long enough.
• Damaged or ineffective insulation cover.
• Improperly working thermostat.
• Clean or replace filter cartridge.
• Reset the time clock if it is not running long enough throughout the day.
• Repair or replace your current insulation cover.
• Repair or change thermostat if it is not working successfully.

Always cover the tub when you’re not using it, and check to be sure the cover is properly secured on the hot tub, because in this way you can avoid wasting energy which is good for you as well as for your pocket.

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