Ways to Install a Portable Hot Tub

So, you saw our great rates on brand-new spas, and unless this brand-new spa is a replacement spa, you’re questioning exactly what’s associated with spa or hot tub installation.
Whether you set up one of our Plug & Play 120V spas, or a full featured premium spa running on 4-wire 240V, needing an electrician, you’ll need to prepare a few things in advance of getting your new spa.
spa Fencing
There are two kinds of fencing required, security fencing, to keep individuals and animals out, and privy fencing to stay out prying eyes.
For security fencing– in a lot of regions, a spa is under the same or comparable fencing rules as apply to swimming pools, in the interest of public security. Typically, a spa within a fenced-in yard is acceptable. There might not be an assessment of the fence in some cases, however still needed nonetheless.
Privy fencing provides personal privacy, likewise a consideration when setting up a hot tub, as well as obstructs the wind, which can cool the spa, and provide you a chill while soaking. Frame your spa with large plants, and a 2 sided lattice fencing, or a pergola or cabana set up around the tub. Outdoor roll-up shades are likewise popular.

hot tub Location
A practical location is best, near the door. The location ought to be clean and dry (never muddy), and near power and water. Shield the spa from as much sun, wind and rain as you can, and make sure that storm waters will constantly recede from the spa.
The surface supporting the spa should be solid, when full with water, a 6 individual hot tub can weigh close to two heaps! No wood decks and certainly no verandas. A level, 4 inch slab of steel mesh strengthened concrete, on top of 4 ″ of gravel is adequate in most cases.
Many hot tubs can be sunk into a deck when proper load bearing support is constructed to hold 150 pounds per square foot. Consider view– both the view of the spa from the home and the view that you’ll have while in the spa.

Moving a Spa
When the tub is delivered to your house, it will not go any even more than the driveway. From that point on, you need to figure out the fastest and safest route to the spa placement area. Expert spa movers use a Spa Kart to transfer spas throughout lawns, over actions or into tight locations within the home. Examine for local spa movers or rental look for a service, some even lease Spa Karts. Over smooth concrete it’s simple, but when the surface gets rough and unequal, you’ll require something with huge tires, to support a spa of 400-600 lbs, together with straps and several hands to assist.

Hot Tub Wiring
120V Spas: Most rotomold spas are plug and play; 120V spas that plug into a standard, devoted outlet. Committed indicates that absolutely nothing else is running on that circuit. Plug the GFCI cord into a weatherproof 120V outlet (not GFCI), on a 15 or 20 amp breaker. The outlet ought to be between 5 and 10 feet from the spa, and no extension cables. 120V hot tubs use less volts since they have smaller pumps and heating units, and few other features.
240V Spas: Larger hot tubs with 4-5 hp pumps and high wattage heating units require a 6 AWG, 4-wire 240V service to the spa, on a devoted 40-60 amp breaker, with a cut-off switch or sub-panel, and other requirements, based on regional electrical codes. They do not plug in like a washer or clothes dryer, however utilize 4 wires within PVC conduit, with the last few feet of flexible avenue carrying the wires straight in through the cabinet and linking to the spa pack.
Electrical wiring a spa with 240V is not a suggested DIY task. An authorization and an assessment is required in many locations, so it’s finest to get in touch with a local electrical contractor who is familiar with the procedure of circuitry spas and jacuzzis. For the most parts, hard-wiring a spa to the home main breaker, and setting up a power cut-off near the spa is a $500-$ 900 job, depending upon the length of the run from the breaker panel to the spa, and the route it should take a trip.

Filling a Spa
When the electrical wiring and examinations are done, you can fill the spa, place the spa filter cartridge.
When you initially fill an empty spa, and often when you drain pipes and refill the spa later on, and air lock will take place in the pump, and avoid the pump from catching prime. Instead of running the pump without water, which can harm the seals, loosen the union nut in front of, or on top of the spa pump simply enough to let the air escape, and enable the water to fill the pump. When water begins dripping around the union, tightly up all unions firmly. Open all gate valves in the system, and you are all set to begin filtering, heating and chemically treating your brand-new spa!

Enjoying your New Spa
That’s the best part, after all the working of picking, buying, getting, moving, electrical wiring, checking, filling … now you finally get to enjoy the fruits of all your tough work and cash.

When you’re ready to cover your investment, visit SpaCapcom. While spa manufacturers have been working on designing and building better spas, SpaCap.com has been building the perfect spa covers.

No matter which company you purchase your spa from they will offer a traditional rigid foam filled spa cover. And just like every other foam filled cover ever made, those panels will eventually begin to saturate with moisture from the steam coming off the spa water, until they are too heavy to lift.

Bar lifters won’t help once the cover becomes too heavy either because you will still have to flop it over the bar while trying not to strain yourself. Then push it off the end of the spa. When the cover is heavy it will either rip itself apart (because the seam of the cover is not built to handle the added weight) or worse it will rip the bar lifter off the sides of your spa potentially causing damage to the spa cabinet.

The SpaCap Spa Covers by contrast, don’t employ foam so there is nothing to soak up the moisture. They are built to stay lightweight and easy to use. Visit SpaCap.com and order one for your swim spa today.

Turn up the heat, and enjoy your new spa

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